Everything you wanted to know about your feline friend

If you have only been petting dogs till now, you might face some difficulties with a cat as a new pet. Cats are quite different in their behavioural traits and there is very little similarity in the way a cat and a dog communicates with their parents. The first point to always keep in mind when you are going out to get yourself a little kitty is that you will never be the ‘owner’ of the cat you keep as a pet. Cats own their masters and there is no two ways about that. You can read much more about cats on http://www.ourfriends4ever.com.




It’s a cat’s world

Bringing a cat into your house will be a completely different experience altogether. You will have to be prepared for a whole lot of ‘catty’ moods being on display and you can definitely never expect to keep your home free from cat hair. Cats love to take a nap in the strangest of places. They have been known to climb to attics just for a cosy winter nap and have even been known to climb into fireplaces when the fire is out! You get the drift right? These quirky little things are what make a cat so lovable in the first place. So, you have to promise yourself that you are not going to get annoyed with all this and will always teach your guests and your kids to be cat friendly. After all, your cat is letting you stay in its home right? You can do that much for them! Now for those who have previously owned dogs, this attitude of cats can come as a bit of a shock. But cats make up for their moody, ‘I-own-this-house’ behaviour with their purring and their affinity for your lap.

A healthy cat is a happy cat

Your cat’s health should be your priority. Look out for danger signs like yowls at odd times and abnormal activities etc. Check out more on http://ourfriends4ever.com.