How to make sure that espresso maintains its consistency?

You must be having the best espresso machine but due to inconsistency after one cup at time you may lose some of your customers. In order to solve inconsistency, you have to learn few tricks which will help you every time you are making as espresso.

Weighing every shot you make:

Weighing every shot you make will help you in maintaining the consistency of the product. Weighing every shot while making as espresso seemed a really hectic task and people often don’t choose to do it. Instead they just hit the push button and get the coffee. But sometime such simple extra effort can get you your customer’s loyalty. It is your duty to get your customers the best. So you have to make sure that the shots are measured every time to maintain consistence and improve serving

espresso machine

In case you are curious about espresso machines you can read about it in You can know all about its parts and features along with where you have to add or remove coffee to get the consistency in every shot you make. Anyways, you just have to remove the portafilter and put it on scale. Add grinded coffee to it according to your measurements. You can remove excess from it. Try tapping it perfectly in order to evenly distribute the coffee in the basket. Once done, place the portafilter back into the machine. Place the cup under portafilter. If after brewing, you are getting the perfect espresso repeat the same after every shot. You must remember three important steps to get consistence that is weighing, adding and removing. Every extra quantity can make a huge difference in the flavor of your espresso. So make sure that you are doing it right. As it will give you the same or better result every time.