Points on Feeding Habits of Cats

Feeding cats seem to be a mystery to several owners. The reason for that is because cats do not have a food time based on the ourfriends4ever.com. They eat and relax as and when they like making it extremely hard for the owners to understand them. The age of your cat will decide on the amount of food it requires.


All about cat food and their feeding habits


Small kittens need several times food in a day. Once they become 12 weeks you can feed them twice or thrice a day. Food which is low on fat and carbohydrates can be considered. That is because these kinds of food are ideal for cats. Not to mention they do not put on weight. You can give your cat canned food, but they are quite expensive and full of preservatives.


You should ensure that your cat has sufficient water to drink and remain hydrated. Purchasing dry food is an alternative which you should consider instead of canned food. It is healthier and cheaper. The best part about cats is that they keep themselves clean and hygienic. The need to clean and bath them often is not required.

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However you will want to ensure that you brush their coat at least once or twice a day. When your cats are indoors most of the time then you should have a litter box which can help keep your home clean. The litter box needs to be cleaned at least weekly once. It is important that you take good care of you cat by ensuring that you take him/her for regular checkups.


To know more about taking good care of cats you will need to read through the website http://ourfriends4ever.com. The site contains useful information on taking good care of cats, their health, their food habits, their moods, and how to get to know them better. When a cat owner is able to understand their cats better, it strengthens the bond.