The heart of Dixie

The yellowhammer state

Alabama, also known as the yellowhammer state, is often called the Heart of Dixie and the Cotton state. It is not usually a place that comes to mind when one talks about vacations or beautiful places to visit in their road trips. Alabama is, however, a hidden gem and is often overlooked on the beauty quotient in our bucket lists.

Alabama is a state that still boasts a good amount of natural coverage across the state and various quaint little towns and hamlets that serve as a major attraction for tourists who are looking to kick back and relax in a serene environment. It is a deceptively beautiful state and a tourist attraction; more than 20 million tourists are estimated to visit this state every single year contributing over 8 billion dollars every year to the state. The tourism industry in Alabama alone is estimated to provide more than 160000 jobs in the state.

The state has always had a glowing reputation in the country and has been known for its peace and quiet. It is an ideal place for someone who wants to let their hair down and just laze around for their vacations. In fact, if you plan to extend your stay longer and move here completely, that would not be a very bad idea either. Alabama has often been the place of choice for retirees to move to and spend their twilight years in. It is a very quaint and peaceful state that attracts a lot of senior citizens to look for new property in the state and settle down there.


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